About UK Mondo Zen

Integral Mondo Zen UK is the UK sangha of the Hollow Bones order of Rinzai Zen Buddhism. Hollow Bones is the order founded by Junpo Roshi, the creator of Mondo Zen™, a thirteen-koan protocol designed to support a mature, liberated, embodied human perspective.

Integral Mondo Zen UK came to be after the seven of us separately attended Mondo Zen™ retreats in Holland and USA, and decided to set up a UK organisation to facilitate the running of retreats here. We ran our first retreat in the UK in August 2014 with Doshin Roshi coming over from America to lead it. 

Let me state this as strongly as I can: the Mondo Zen Process founded by Zen Master JunPo Denis Kelly provides a profound and effective method of seeing one’s True Nature, greatly accelerating the process of waking up. Using integral, linguistic tools and leading questions it helps induce profound state experiences.
Once we have directly experienced our True Nature, the Emotional Koan practice of Mondo Zen helps us bring these profound states directly into one’s life and relationships in a profoundly fierce and compassionate way embracing both waking up and growing up.

Ken Wilber

As a group organised to perform this function we realised we were also perfectly placed to support each other in the growth of our spiritual development (waking up to the true nature of emptiness) and the growth of our human development (growing up to actualise our emotional, intellectual and behavioural maturity).

We found that it is much easy to practice embodying this awake maturity in a group setting where we are doing so together. We meet fortnightly on Skype as a group to check in with eachother and practice Mondo Zen™ together as well as meeting where possibility for meditation and Mondo Zen™ in person. We run taster days and weekends to spread the delight of Mondo Zen in the UK.