What We Do

As an organisation we offer at least one silent Integral Mondo Zen™ sesshin a year in the UK, taster weekends and days, as well as one to one Mondo Zen™ facilitation with our trained facilitators. Please see the various sections on these for further information. 

Enough, these few words are enough!
If not these words, this breath!
If not this breath, this sitting here!
This opening to life we have refused again and again, until now! 
Until now!

David Whyte

However, all of our activities and our approach is based in practice, and these are our Five Training Elements:

Sacred Stewardship: We accept our intimate interdependency, our oneness, with the environment, the universe and all sentient and non-sentient beings. We embody this realization, and we lovingly choose not to create any more suffering in the world. We recognize our responsibility and extend it first to everything within our arm’s reach and eventually to infinity.

Philosophical Reorientation: Through study, dialog and practice, we develop a broader and more inclusive philosophy. We become more insightful, and our thinking is more flexible, comprehensive, and clear. We open our minds and hearts. We command a new language accepting and including the truth of the empty nature of our spirit and deep mind as well as the real intention and meaning of our emotions. This new view is seen and felt in our actions.

Emotional Maturity and Integrity: With our new understanding and experience of the true nature and real meaning and mechanics of emotion, we will no longer be bound to unconscious reactions. For instance, we will be able to experience anger as reactive violence and not project it. We will recognize and experience the energy arising before the reaction of anger as intense clarity and deep caring. With this new understanding, we will experience shame not as an introjection doubting self value but as a question, challenging our worthiness, our integrity, and instead of shutting down, we will hear the question and respond truthfully and skillfully. Through Mondo Zen™ Emotional Koan Awareness Intervention practice, we transform our painful emotional reactions into compassionate responses. Our “angst becomes our liberation!” Mature emotional responses emerge in the same relationships where immature emotional reactions were once the rule. All reactions to fear including anger, shame and jealousy become rich opportunities for transformation and eventually become inconceivable. For instance, energy that would normally be experienced as anger now arises as what it really is, “intense clarity and deep caring”!

Conscious Embodiment: Through Qi Gong, Yoga, Dance and other spiritual body training practices, we investigate and become more aware of our embodiment. We locate and release the physical contractions associated with psychological tension. We become more sensitive, healthy and conscious. We delight in the discovery that enlightenment is visceral! We actually experience embodied conscious awareness feeling and working with the life energy of our bodies.

Genuine Insight: Concentration/Meditation practice is essential. These Five Training Element practices are our awakening, our genuine insight. Practice is realization. Through Concentration/Meditation, new philosophical understanding, emotional koan, physical awareness and sacred stewardship practices, we awaken. The Five Training Elements stand like mirrors allowing us to see reflected there how our core practices are transforming our lives. We achieve a personal freedom only possible with deep, spiritual realization and discipline. Integrated Five Element discipline is our awakening.

Our practice is our Enlightenment!