Who We Are

We are a group of committed individuals that support the practice and teaching of Integral Mondo Zen™ in the UK. 

We are a UK based Hollow Bones Zen Sangha committed to grounding ourselves in awakened mind while simultaneously growing up to an Integral level of consciousness. We use our Mondo Zen™ practices to facilitate deep inquiry into ourselves and live from our fearless and compassionate hearts. Thus we transform our world by facing everything and avoiding nothing!

We are committed to supporting Mondo Zen™ to grow in the UK by running retreats and supporting practice communities.

We established ourselves as an organisation in 2014, and concurrently launched www.integralmondozenuk.org. 

Please look up our facilitators to learn more about us individually. 

Integral Mondo Zen UK – Our Organisational Structure

We have a small Leaders Group of 5 people,  who oversee the overall running of the organisation.  We meet regularly (currently monthly).

We also have an Overall Management Group made up of the Leaders Group plus other Sangha members who are committed to supporting the aims of Integral Mondo Zen UK.  This group supports all the activities we offer as an organisation including looking after our website, marketing, finances etc.  We do not have set meeting times but meet when it is necessary for discussion and organisation, for instance before a retreat to organize logistics and promotion.

As we are growing in number we are always in need of extra help.  If you feel you are able to offer your time and energy and can offer your skills in any way please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of us.  This work is all done voluntarily as part of Dana (giving) and is a wonderful opportunity to really get involved and connected. Thank you for visiting our web-site!