Get Involved

There are several ways for you to get invovled with us, both in person and on-line:


This fabulous yearly event is a profound opportunity to drop deeply into the true nature of who you really are, and to experience the power of the transmission of Mondo Zen™. Click here for further details.

UK Groups

These are local groups run by some of our members. Each group has its own structure, however they are all grounded in the practice of Integral Mondo Zen™. Read more here.

Taster Days and Weekends

The Taster Days and Weekends are run regularly in various locations across the UK. Click here for more info, dates and locations.

Facilitation of the Mondo Zen™ Process

One to one facilitation of the Mondo Zen™ process is a corner stone of what we offer. In these facilitations one of our trained facilitators will guide you through the 13 Mondo Zen™ koans. The first 10 koans are carefully designed to point you to your true nature, whilst the final 3 koans help you translate this insight into your everyday living; they are what we call ‘Emotional Koans’. The emotional koans help you show up in your life and your relationships with a compassionate response rather than a conditioned reaction. We recommend you read through the manual before we meet.

This process can be done in one or two sessions, and we offer this for donation only. All income goes directly to the running of our organisation Integral Mondo Zen UK. Please contact one of the facilitators directly for more info and to set this up. Most of us work both in person as well as on skype.