Facilitators of Mondo Zen™

Dai Ki Inzan – Tessa Martin

Having now attended 13 x 7 day retreats in this lineage I consider myself well and truly pregnant! as in, impregnated with this wonderful Dharma! I took Jukai (joined the gang!) with Jun Po Denis Kelly Roshi, the Abbot of Hollow Bones Zen and the creator of Mondo Zen in September 2012 so now I get to wear a bib and be called Dai Ki, which means Great Potential, (my kids think I’ve completely lost the plot!). But I’ve never been more thrilled with life and excited about the future. I have now taken Priest Ordination being given another name Inzan (meaning Hidden Mountain)! None of this matters in the bigger picture but its all part of the fun!

I have also been teaching Iyengar Yoga for the past 15 years and am a university of life student of Integral (the philosophy of Ken Wilber). I live in Newbury in Berkshire and can be contacted at tessa@newburyyoga.co.uk or on 07944 196088. I have a tiny but dedicated little Sangha and we call ourselves Newbury Integral Zen. I run a monthly practice morning on Sundays for people who have been through the Mondo Zen process. Do contact me if any of this interests you, or if you would like to be facilitated in the process, or would like me to run a one day introduction in your area.

Also via zoom online I lead a morning practice of Qi Gong for 20 minutes followed by 30 minutes of meditation (Mondays to Thursdays) 6.10 a.m., 6.30 a.m. for the meditation and on Friday mornings at 7.30 a.m. I lead our Morning Service plus 30 minutes of meditation.

Dokan – Sean Hearn

I came across a video of Jun Po talking and he totally blew me away, I then resolved to track him down. During my first retreat with Jun Po, I was deeply touched by this practice and his presence. I also laughed my ass off all week, which I took as a good sign. I have now attended several retreats with him and Doshin and this practice has begun t0 seep into me. Through Mondo Zen practice I have begun to live a life with much less fear and much more openness and gratitude. I love that our practice insists that we include not only the depth of our insight but also our bodies, our philosophy, our emotional lives and the ways that we relate to the wider community, both culturally and ecologically.

I have several strands to how I earn my livelihood, one of which is as a Cranio-Sacral Therapist. Another is work as a community food worker and teacher, growing food sustainably and training others about growing and permaculture design. I am also a passionate sustainable bee-keeper and manage an apiary and teach others about the wonders of the honeybee. I am also a committed shadow yoga practitioner and am currently apprenticing with Karen Watson in London. I love practising with others and run a weekly Mondo group in North London and facilitate people through the Mondo Zen process one to one. If this is of interest then please get in touch, you can reach me on 07757065892 or seanhearn@hotmail.co.uk.

Kugai – Kristian Merckoll

I did my first Mondo retreat in 2013, with the founder of Mondo Zen, Jun Po Kelly Roshi. It was a profound experience for me, which deepened even more when I met Jun Po’s successor Doshin Roshi the next year. I have been involved with the Sangha ever since, as I find the Integral Mondo Zen approach fresh, open and innovative; a sound marriage of wisdom and compassion adapted to the 21st century. Take the ancient time-tested principles of Zen meditation and add a modern Integral Practice with a willingness to be open, honest and vulnerable. And not least a good dose of humour.

Before encountering Mondo Zen, I came across Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory back in the year 2002. It led me to study advanced Integral Theory at Fielding University, and later to become a certified Integral Master Coach at Integral Coaching Canada. I am also a certified Associate Lectical Coach, as I enjoy diving into the deep end of vertical development of human consciousness. I am particularly interested in exploring and inquiring into the interplay of the different trajectories of the psycho-spiritual dimension of “waking up” (horizontal development) and the psycho-biological maturity of “growing up” (vertical development).

My encounter with Integral also deepened my understanding of, and thus approach to, the right use of the mind on the spiritual path. While true spiritual awakening is beyond any and all conceptual knowing, we need an understanding that does not block our insight, and which can bring forth our deepest truth into the world. In modern new-age spirituality, this aspect of spirituality is often not fully recognized, which often impedes true spiritual growth. This was certainly true for me for many years prior to Integral Zen. Perhaps needless to say, while the proper use of the mind is highly important, working with the somatic, energetic and emotional aspects of our physical bodies is of crucial importance too.

In my work with people I attempt to simplify some of the most important spiritual ideas, as I see them, and make them easier to understand and integrate. Since we all differ as unique beings, I also want to explore with each person their own particular strengths and areas of potential growth. Since it has been so important for me personally, I pay particular attention to facilitate and help bringing forth each person’s inner trust and deep innate knowledge of the truth, a latent capacity and birthright which in most of us is not truly recognized.

I was ordained an Integral Zen priest by Doshin Roshi in Denver Colorado in November 2015. In addition to Zen, I am also studying and practicing other forms of Buddhism and spirituality, especially the Indo-Tibetan tradition.

I am always happy to facilitate anyone interested in experiencing the Mondo process, as well as to be contacted if you have any questions about Integral or Zen. I am Norwegian, currently living in London.

Contact information: E-mail: kristian@merckoll.no, phone: +47 9002 0658, Skype: kristian_merckoll. I can facilitate in English or Norwegian, speak OK Spanish and some French.

Helena Alder

I came to Mondo Zen™ after initially meeting Doshin at an Integral conference in the US a few years ago, and I was immediately struck by the simplicity and the power of these teachings. Since then I have attended several retreats, and I can only testify to the immense impact these practical teachings of Mondo Zen™ have had and continue to have in my life. I keep being amazed at how I now really recognise that ‘ordinary mind is the way’, and every day offers rich opportunities for waking up, growing up and cleaning up. It’s never boring! What I also love is being in the presence of Doshin and JunPo and each time understanding more what being an awake human is all about.

I am also an Integral Master Coach™ as well as a dentist part time, and I live in Edinburgh with my husband Chris. I love all things to do with becoming more fully human and ‘embodied’, and I am a keen student of Integral Theory and the dharma. I facilitate the Mondo process both in person in Edinburgh and on Skype. Please get in touch if you would like to work with me and taste the process of Mondo Zen™.

Mobile: 07525 745464. Email: helenasalder@hotmail.com Skype: helena.alder

Gessho – Sue Holden

I came to Mondo Zen™ after a particularly traumatic personal experience. Wanting to know more and inspired by the biography of Jun Po Dennis Kelly Roshi I took myself off to America for a week long silent Sesshin. The intense meditation and exposure to the pure Mondo Zen™ dialogue opened my mind and my heart and left me wanting more. Now I have been on several retreats and count Doshin Roshi as one of my teachers. I know and have experienced this truly life-changing process and will work to bring it to the wider community through the facilitation process which I practice.

My work as a Civil Celebrant and Grief Recovery Specialist brings me into contact with people who are at life-changing moments. Meditation and the Mondo Zen dialogue helps me to form myself and my work to help others with such moments. I live in Swindon, Wiltshire and am happy to talk with and facilitate anyone through the Mondo Zen™ process who is interested. Email:suejilett@gmail.com

Gyoki – Chris Alder

I have been meditating and involved in spiritual practice since my early 20’s, and this journey has taken me around the globe as a seeker trying to wake up. I also am a trained Integral Master CoachTM and teacher in the lineage of Integral Coaching Canada, so I’m equally passionate about personal development and helping people grow up, myself included. But when I came across Mondo ZenTM I finally found a way to integrate ‘waking up’ and ‘growing up’ in my life and work. I also discovered what was right in front of my nose all along; silence, stillness, and absolute emptiness which I had actually been running from instead of towards for all of these years.

After 2 years of practicing Mondo ZenTM, 3 silent retreats and facilitating many people through the process I am finally getting nowhere, which is amazing and just where I want to be. My meditation practice has deepened beyond belief, my personal relationships have flourished and my coaching work has taken on new dimensions I never thought possible, all because I am learning to get out of the way.

So if you are interested in waking up, growing up, learning Integral Theory, developing your business in a conscious way or wanting to experience the Mondo process, please do get in touch as I would love to hear from you.chris@integral-coach.co.uk 07764158299

Shin Ku – Debbi Burch

When I first heard Jun Po talking to Ken Wilber in 2010, I knew that Mondo Zen was the next important step on my path.

I had learned to trust my learning at university, I had learned to trust my thinking as a software developer and I had learned to trust my experience of feeling and caring deeply as a humanistic psychotherapist.

I had learned how to influence the knots and vacuums of habituated fight, flight and freeze and to ‘hold my form’ as a somatic therapist. I had also learned to sense something indescribable beyond the conditioned mind and world while running Dialogue groups in maximum security prisons (developed by the physicist David Bohm) and in meditation. But I hadn’t quite put it all together because the spiritual and therapeutic worlds still seemed divided. Mondo ZenTM was clearly an invitation into the integration of mind, body, personality and heart and I have to say, a blessed relief.

The rigour of Zen with it’s commitment to silence and the formality of Junpo’s koan structure was the perfect adjunct to my humanistic therapy training.

On my first retreat in 2011 I was struck by Jun Po’s statement that ‘your angst is your liberation’. As I developed a commitment to the stillness at the very heart of and beyond all form during these 7-day silent retreats, I found ‘feeling’ to be none other than life alive in me, wanting to grow, to care and to support my own and others’ evolution. I could see that fear, shame and anger are caused as much by unconscious somatic and interpersonal habits as they are the consequence. When we are at one somatically with our environment, what would we take personally or be afraid of? This is true from a somatic therapist’s view but I integrate all I have learned through the spaciousness of the retreats and the structure of the Mondo Zen koans. I need the rigour!

I live in Wiltshire and I’m happy to talk with anyone interested and guide them through the Mondo Zen Koan structure.

Email: debbiburch@gmail.com