About Integral Mondo Zen Retreats & Events

Integral Mondo Zen™ is based on Japanese and Chinese Zen and updated for the 21st Century to include our current psycological, emotional and cultural stage of development. It deeply explores what it means to awaken now, in our world, and with our current challenges and conflicts. It transcends the traditional hierarchical/authoritarian, gender-biased and constraining monastic aspects of traditional Zen in favour of practical, experiential “in the world” engagement.

For the benefit of all beings, we practice.

Attending a 7 day Integral Mondo Zen™ retreat is a transformational process. Not only will you leave with a real and lasting taste of what pure awareness actually is, you will also be invited to deconstruct your current philosophical understanding and take on a Buddhist right view, a view that doesn’t block insight but actually uses your greatest challenges and triggers as tools for awakening.​

Following the Buddhist tradition of asking for Dana, through the generosity of those who have donated, we are able to offer a small number of grants toward the costs of retreats. If you are genuinely unable to meet the full cost of a retreat please contact us separately via email stating the reasons for your application for a grant. We will contact you as soon as we can with any offer.

For more information on our retreats, go to 7 Day Sesshins and Integral MondoZen Days & Weekends